Paydesk + NewsFixed

We are delighted to announce that Paydesk has acquired NewsFixed. By joining forces we're able providing a comprehensive service for freelancers which vastly improves the ease of working internationally. will be phased down over the next few weeks and we hope very much that you'll join us here at Paydesk. Read the press release.

"I'm really excited about the Paydesk acquisition. For the last two years NewsFixed has provided coverage from far and wide to many of the worlds largest news organisations. The partnership with Paydesk delivers the technological edge that upgrades the freelancer experience and makes commissioning as simple as clicking a button."

Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker

Founder NewsFixed

"Under Jeremy’s leadership quickly became an institution amongst foreign correspondents. We're thrilled to acquire the company and look forward to welcome NewsFixed journalists into the PayDesk network. We feel our workflow technology is second to none, and look forward to receive feedback from our new correspondents."

Henry Peirce

Henry Peirse

Co-Founder PayDesk


    Need a Journalist?

  • Immediate access to a talent pool of over 1000 reputable journalists in 150 countries.

  • Search by location and choose who to hire, or broadcast the job to all journalists in the same area, then pick the best available.

  • Track jobs from start to payment in a single, intuitive interface.

    Are you a Journalist?

  • Get more work. We count some of the world's biggest broadcasters amongst our clients.

  • Guaranteed fast payment. You get your money as soon as the job is completed. We deal with all the paperwork and invoice the client.

  • Intuitive and easy to use. All your jobs and billing history in one place.


  • There is no monthly subscription or maintenance fee.

  • You decide how much you pay the journalists. Though we recommend industry standard fees.

  • We charge the client a flat-rate commission of 25% for each job.